App Development

3 Reasons Why Apps Fail

The general population of people don’t know that an app needs to succeed on the App Store. In fact, there are exactly three reasons why apps fail and any successful app needs to overcome these in order to thrive. Developing the app is only part of the process, and in my opinion, it’s the easier part. The fun starts with getting people to download the app and creating a User Experience that they will actually enjoy.

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WordPress Plugins: The Creative Backbone of WordPress

For a long time, the developers’ community acted as purists with respect to Web Apps Development. There was a strong belief that custom coding from scratch could be the only option. However, after many Open Source platforms providing faster mechanisms, the developers have adopted new methods. And, WordPress is one of the market leaders due wide range of WordPress plugins.

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google analytics
Marketing Monday

Analytics Marketing Monitoring Your Traffic and Keep Ahead Of The Competition

If you can’t measure the extent of something, you most likely won’t be able to improve it. When it comes to search engine optimization, measuring your traffic and reach is critical to succeeding in your venture. Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can utilise and keeps track of many things for you and even supplies live reports and traffic intake whenever you need. You simply cannot be successful without measuring your market data, as you risk only guessing the habits of your audience, and not knowing exactly what they’re looking for. In this article, we will be going through a number of ways you can boost your analytical expertise, improving your content marketing by margins.

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Support Sunday

Understanding Online Computer Troubleshooting

Online computer troubleshooting is rapidly becoming the most demanded online service on the World Wide Web. Its popularity clearly shows that many people are suffering the annoyance and trouble of unresponsive computer programs, software or virus corrupted files. The convenience of online computer services made professional and technical computer problem diagnosis and troubleshooting accessible to all.

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