PHP Developers

PHP which is a recursive acronym for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor can be defined as a programming language that allows web developers to create some dynamic content that helps interact with the database. The server-side language which has been in existent for around 25 years and which started as a small open source project has turned out to be very useful for most PHP developers.  Currently, PHP continues to be used by almost 80% of all websites globally with some of the major platforms which utilize it being Facebook and WordPress. Reasons, why most PHP developers value this language, including its ability to manage dynamic content databases, session tracking while also helping build entire e-commercial sites, the manner through which it is integrated with popular databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix and Microsoft SQL servers while also not forgetting how PHP supports major protocols including POP3, IMAP, LDAP and PHP4.

Elula online is a collection of competent PHP developers responsible for writing the server-side web application logic.  Furthermore, these developers are responsible for developing back-end components, connecting the application with other web services while also supporting the front end developers through integrating their work with the application. Also with the understanding that PHP can sometimes prove to be a difficult language to tame Elula online PHP developers have put a greater than usual effort to ensure the final application stability and also performance. While doing so our esteemed PHP developers will often turn to some PHP frameworks which will help them compose their code. The importance of integrating these frameworks is that they provide code libraries especially for commonly used functions thus cutting down the amount of the original code which the PHP developers may need to write. Some of the common PHP frameworks utilized by our team of PHP developers have been discussed below.



For any competent web, artisan Laravel can be said to be the go-to PHP framework. For our PHP developers, Laravel popularity can boil down to its ease of use and virtually no learning curve. Furthermore, this platform has numerous inbuilt features which help support rapid application development on any web hosting for PHP. Furthermore, it also offers some strong routing and caching features while being able to work on advanced MVC architecture, incorporates some amazing Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) while also incorporating a powerful query library.



Sometimes our PHP developers may need to develop certain projects quickly in case such a need arises CodeIgniter is regarded as the go-to option complete with some advanced features. Another reason why this platform is fancied by our developers would be due to its simple interface thus allowing the developers to focus more on creativity while requiring little or no coding task. Other reasons why this platform has been preferred include how it is built with modern web features, its exceptional performance, its simple solutions over complexity, its clear documentation and the lack of large monolithic libraries.



Elula online PHP developers also utilize Smarty to help accomplish their projects competently. Smarty can be said to be a web template engine that is a presentation of both HTML and CSS parts and which allows for some further separation between the business logic and its visualization. This is achieved by removing as much PHP code as possible from the views. Furthermore, it is worth noting that Smarty is not made up of MVC architecture and Zend framework, Codeigniter, CakePHP or any other application development frameworks for PHP. With Smarty when one display any value, it is stored into the variable and this variable passes into a file like an index. tpl. The Smarty templating file extension is a .tpl file.

Some of the reasons Elula online PHP developers prefer to use smarty in their applications include its clean code presentation, its fast development and deployment for both the programmers and the designers, its quick and easy to maintain nature, easy to understand syntax, its flexible nature for custom development, its security and the manner through which it complements PHP rather than replacing it.

While at this some of the reasons why our PHP developers at Elula online prefer to use PHP frameworks include its faster development due to the presence of inbuilt libraries and also tools thus reducing the development time. Secondly, with such platforms, there is less code to write due to the presence of numerous functions being present. Thirdly numerous PHP frameworks tend to follow good coding practices, for instance, they tend to divide the code neatly into several directories according to their function. Fourthly most PHP developers tend to find that using the PHP platform to be more secure as compared to writing your codes, in this case, PHP frameworks tend to be more secure against security threats including cross-site scripting, SQL injection attacks and cross-site request forgery. However, it is worth noting that using a PHP framework is not in any way a substitute for writing secure codes however it helps reduce the chances of hacker exploits. Furthermore, good frameworks tend to have data sanitization built-in and also defences incorporated against the various common threats.

Using a PHP framework has also been found to help improve teamwork among PHP developers. In this case, a framework helps in setting some clear rules for the project. This, therefore, means that even in case a new developer joins the team they will be able to learn the ropes and skills quickly thus joining the team. Finally, most PHP frameworks tend to be easier to maintain, in this case, PHP frameworks encourage refactoring of code while also promoting Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) development. This in turn results in a better and leaner codebase which may need little or no maintenance. Furthermore, our PHP developers may not have to worry about maintaining the core framework since this has already been done by the PHP platform developers.