Microsoft Power BI is a business management tool which helps in analyzing, evaluating, and processing data. It is helpful business intelligence software which can be easily operated by any Layman. Power BI is user interface can be easily understood by users who are familiar with MS Excel or other MS-Office Software.

Power BI software gives complete information of organization data structure. It is a advance tool which collects, retrieve and use non-structure data into useful information. It presents the aggregated data into charts or graphs. User can easily share this processed file with the other users of same organization without wasting anytime. Power BI formulate a business report which is consisted of text and graphs which helps the organizations in making future decisions.
Power BI provides dashboards for Management of organization. It helps them to know about the performances of organization’s departments. This software is mostly used by Financial Analytics. They can create final report of organization and suggest strategies to improve productivity growth of an organization. This is a user-friendly interface which provides platform for aggregating, calculating, and evaluating data for both technical staff and Layman Staff.
This Software also predicts the roadmap on which organization is moving on. It predicts the organization that it is progressing or not. It also shows signals which tell the Management that Employees are putting efforts in achieving goals.


Microsoft is introducing features which help in analytics of data. These features have sky-rocketed the growth rate of Power BI use in business organization. Some of the helpful features are:
• Artificial Intelligence: User can interact with different machine models. These artificial intelligence models enhance the capability of Employees in evaluating bulk of non-structured data.
• Quick Insight: Power BI has the ability to subset data. Machine can analyze this data automatically.
• Customization: Customization is the helping tool for developers. They can add or remove any feature for the better use of data analysis.
• Visualize Mode: This mode divides the data into useful information in the form of graphs, diagrams, charts etc.

This feature is helpful for both the trained persons and Layman. This software has a lot of helping tools which are convenient to use. Power BI has parts which help in solving big data issues. It uses Power query, pivot, view, Map and Q/A for making strong financial report of an organization.

To conclude we must say that Power BI is the Microsoft tool which is used in analyzing data. It has features which are easy to understand. This tool consisted of features which can be applicable in all business working scenarios. A lot of organizations are using this artificial intelligence tool effectively. It is a user-friendly interface which interlinks many employees of same organization by sending or receiving processed data files. Organization can achieve a lot of benefits after using this software. It is also called Future-Predictive tool which helps the organization in formulated new and fruitful Financial Strategies.

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