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Effective Graphic Design – The Key Elements

Effective Graphic Design – The Key Elements

First of all, let’s define what we mean by effective graphic design. Graphic design is a form of design, a creative process that involves development and innovation. It is a form of communication…

First of all, let’s define what we mean by effective graphic design. Graphic design is a form of design, a creative process that involves development and innovation. It is a form of communication that aims to combine images usually graphic, typographic or photographic to convey information to a target market. By effective graphic design I mean work that has the qualities required to achieve the objectives for which it was produced.

The types of communication materials requiring an effective graphic design that would be classified as:

  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Advertisements
  • Logos
  • Mailshots
  • Posters
  • Point of sale materials

Websites, banner advertising and emailers would also involve graphic design but this type of design is somewhat different in its development process and the criterion required to produce effective communication materials are also different. This type of electronic graphic design is usually known as interactive media. It is a different subject altogether and I will focus on design for print in this article.

The development of effective graphic design work involves several stages, these would typically be:

  • Briefing and identification of requirements
  • Concept development
  • Visuals including layout, images, colour selection copy and typography
  • Development of visuals to finished artwork
  • Print
  • Campaign execution

The objective of graphic design is to influence customer behaviour patterns in a positive manner e.g. to influence them in purchasing decisions favourable to your own brand, products or services. Graphic design can achieve this by convincingly conveying the reasons why the consumer or business should make these decisions and carry out the necessary actions.

In order to influence customer decisions and deliver effective graphic design the stages to follow are:

  1. Appoint the correct design agency in terms of cost and quality. The internet is now undoubtedly the best place to source quality, effective graphic design.
  2. Give the design or agency the best brief you possibly can. Explain what you hope to achieve, what your target market is in terms of age, sex, social class or for a business to the business project, company size, etc. Decide on your major sales points and convey these to the designers.
  3. The design agency must then develop concepts which will convey your main sales points in the most effective manner, this could include humour, comparison, aspiration, credibility, price advantage, etc. Usually, both visual work and a copy will be presented. The agency should also be able to make recommendations about the best form of print or media to achieve the set objectives.
  4. The most suitable and effective concept should be selected and then developed together by the client and the agency. The process is most effective if the two work in harmony, the agency using its knowledge of marketing, the design process and customer behaviour and the client their knowledge of the particular market. Antagonism on either side is usually detrimental to the final result!

Once this process is complete you should have your effective graphic design work and the final stages are print and production, the rollout of the campaign, and most importantlyFind Article, the achievement of objectives.


Graphic Design

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Learn More About Web Design


By 2014, you can expect the graphic design job market to be one of the most sought after and fast growing. Which would be the most sought after careers? Though there would be plenty of job opportunities, still the market would be highly competitive in the field of computer graphic design. This is because this is a popular area of study, and many people pursue it as a career, a hobby, or a part time freelancing gig. What do you need to become a computer graphic designer? Some technical positions can be obtained with only a two year college degree, or Associates Degree. However, this type of career will not go progress far without further education. The criticality of formal education must be realized if you wish to pursue a career in this field.

About thirty percent of those in a computer graphic design career work independently as freelancers. Nearly half of all freelancers hold regular jobs in either computer graphics or some computer related jobs.Since there is constant need for computer graphic artists from small companies who can not afford larger graphic design firm,freelancing is a good option.

Computer graphic design can offer you a variety of career options. What are the other career options you have? Some large or small specialist companies may not give you a wide variety but a steady line of work. You may of course decide to work s a freelancer.

If you wish to pursue this career, a mere college degree and knowledge of your future goals are not enough. You must develop the art of using computer graphic software as well as other computer related jobs. A collection of your best work ought to be made called your portfolio. The portfolio content can be a deciding factor on whether you would get the job or would still be in the queue.

Your aim after finishing college and deciding what you want to do is to get that first entry level job. These include: online job boards, online or printed classified ads or the college or university placement desks. Similarly, freelance jobs could be found through online job boardsHealth Fitness Articles, classified ads as well as job for hire boards. Work for hire boards? May all your dreams come true in your pursuit for a graphic design career.

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