Of all the websites in the globe, WordPress market share tends to be at 40% with roughly 64 million websites being WordPress websites. Generally, Word Press websites should not just be a build and leave operation also for Word Press software the philosophy of if it is not broken do not fix it may not work efficiently. This may be attributed to the popularity often associated with WordPress platforms thus making it get lots of attention from hackers. If implemented correctly by keeping your site up to date this can help increase your security while also helping prevent malicious attacks done by hackers and attackers. In any WordPress, three things need to be kept up to date these include WordPress core files, WordPress theme and Word Press Plugins. On their part, Word Press developers play the role of constantly releasing updates to help in fixing bugs and new features thus helping increase performance while keeping it both safe and also secure. Every time WordPress update its core files both the theme authors and also the plugin authors also update thus staying compatible with the core of the WordPress. Some of the reasons why these things need to be updated have been explained below.

Security is and has always been the number one reason why one needs to keep their WordPress site up to date. New WordPress security updates often come along with security enhancements that help in preventing sites from being exploited. Furthermore being an open-source WordPress has numerous developers who also act as security experts who constantly test the software and also report security fixes. For users, ignoring any of these security fixes often make your site easy for hackers and malicious code distributors. Furthermore, as a website manager, it will be important to ensure that security vulnerabilities are corrected with every new release. This will ensure that you have the latest security fix and also that you do not lose any important website features.

Another importance of keeping your WordPress up to date relates to both system updates and plugins updates. On one hand, having new plugins help in offering better features and also performances. Without these one is often limiting themselves to the functionality of their site. Furthermore, it will be important to ensure that the current plugins are working this is done through updating, checking and also testing for this reason it will be important to leave this work to a dedicated website manager.

Outstanding performance and features are also another reason why it will be important to keep your WordPress updated. Generally, web technology is constantly changing thus WordPress developers are always working thus making WordPress run faster. Through keeping your WordPress updated will help keep performance upgraded thus providing a better user experience. Furthermore, it is worth noting that some updates come with the ability to add embeds in both text and video widgets also it can help in providing a redesigned plugin directory and inline link editing along with some various editing tools this, therefore, means that when you keep your WordPress site up to date you will be able to unlock features and also improving the ability to add some new content to your site.

Another great importance of attending to your WordPress regularly has to do with data loss. In this case, it is estimated that 36% of the WordPress websites that were hacked in 2018 had an outdated version of the same platform. This, therefore, meant that the users ignored the importance of updating their websites which in turn resulted in data loss. Furthermore updating your WordPress also entails deleting outdated plugins as well as themes a good web manager will consider deleting old plugins and also themes thus meaning that they are not cluttering your dashboard. Also if one is worried about the loss of data which may come especially through some unstable updates a good website manager can consider actions including creating a reliable data backup which will come in handy.

Another serious problem related to WordPress Software is bugs. These are mistakes in a computer program or system that make it behave in an unintended way. They can cause weird errors, or make things crash. To make sure your website keeps running smoothly, it’s essential to implement these fixes. Although every major release of WordPress goes through a rigorous testing process, sometimes smaller bugs slip through the cracks. While minor bugs may not affect your website, it is always best practice to update WordPress to reduce potential issues caused by these bugs. These bugs may only be minor glitches, like a web page loading wrong at first, but such issues can drive away users and potential customers which can be bad for business. Thus always keep your WordPress up to date and make your business grow.