Simple Google Analytics

Tracking effort on your website and your marketing really is a key metric. The free to use google analytics is certainly the go-to. Let’s not get into the semantics of large corps owning your stats etc. They have it anyway from the ISP. Now let’s focus on those stats. While Google analytics really is phenomenal it does not have the easiest to use interface and the learning curve really is challenging to get the reports that you want right. You can certainly take templates for a run and modify it as you need and then set emails up etc for when you want. Or you can use another phenomenal tool from google called Datastudio.

Ok, ready – click on the logo have linked it for you to explore. Now it may not be super duper easy to use however the templates you can use are nicer and more robust than using the templates in GA. You can use a template and then add your data source into the mix. Then once set up your link in your data and modify the report as you want to choose the graph and the metrics you want also.

Check out an image below of one of the samples we have used before. here is the link for the whole gallery which you can browse and find the best report for what you are looking for and the metrics you want to see. We have a simple solution and can assist you set up one that uses the google analytics and the google webmaster tool so that you can track the web stats and the keywords and search terms people are visiting your site from.

Contact us we can assist you.