Tech support can be a wonderful thing when we’re stuck and unsure about how to proceed when using or installing our new products. On the other hand it can be quite frustrating at times when you get an impatient or less than knowledgeable technician trying to answer your questions. To help keep tech support calls smooth and as short as possible let’s go over a few tips on how to prepare before making that call.


Take A Breather

When you get frustrated trying to make a product work it can cloud your mind as your anger rises. This in turn can lead to additional frustration and more of a possibility of damaging the product in question. When this begins to happen it can be of extreme benefit to walk away from the problem and take a short respite. This will help take your mind off of the problem and clear your thoughts; this way you can approach the issue with a clear mind and a new perspective.


A couple great ways to help take your mind of the issue is to get something to eat or take a short walk. Having a full stomach or stimulated muscles can be very beneficial in getting the cognitive juices flowing. Additionally this doesn’t necessarily have to be a long break, but just enough for your stress levels to normalize and for you to relax a bit.


Read The Manual

When calling tech support the first responses are generally going to be to go through the basic setup and procedures of the product in question; all of which is usually found in the manual.


The basic idea is that by going through the manual yourself and taking the time to try and understand, use, and apply the information provided you can eliminate many possible causes of the problem. This alone can help save you time and effort because you will already have narrowed down the possible causes of the issue. Additionally it will help you be more knowledgeable about the product, so when you finally do talk to tech support you will have a better understanding of what they tell you.


Remember They’re People Too

The biggest problem when calling tech support is usually when the customer or the technician start to get overly frustrated and angry with each other. This can lead to flared tempers, hostile exchanges and a slowing of solving the issue at hand.


A good way to help prevent this from happening is by going through first two tasks described so you will be calm, collected, and knowledgeable. Next you should always try and remember the golden rule that states to treat others the way you would want to be treated. The reason for this is that tech support isn’t some nameless and faceless entity thousands of miles away; they are in fact another living, breathing, and emotionally driven human the same as you! So try to show some respect and cooperation as you work towards your goal of solving the problem at hand.


In the end you may not always be able to perform these tasks, and sometimes circumstances are not ideal to take the steps we’ve listed here, but if at all possible try to at least incorporate a couple of them before calling tech support, because it can only help to alleviate stress and improve the chances of solving your issue.


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3 Tasks Before Calling Tech Support
By Christian M Gillman

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