For your website to work, you do not the best designers to do it for you. And you do not need the many beautiful and exciting graphic designs that others may be offering. The thing is for you to choose and use graphic designs that will compliment and bring out the best in your design. The most common mistake that people make is that they do not consider the effects that their graphic designs can do. If they were only put in the position of the visitors and customers, they would realize that instead of making their site look great, they do the opposite.

What are some things that website owners should avoid when considering website graphic designs? 1. Fonts and backgrounds.

If you cannot use your favorite fonts on your page, try using them in the graphics. But then, keep in mind that they should be kept simple and readable. You would not want your visitors to squint or use a magnifying glass just to figure out what your texts are. In choosing the font, you should also consider the background. A dark font does not need a dark background. Make it so your background color will emphasize your texts and vice versa. 2. Scattered and large graphics. This does not mean that you should not use large graphics. Sometimes they need to be put in your designs, but only in the right places. Keep in mind that large graphics takes a considerable time to load. Your visitors might not stay long enough for them to appear.

In selecting graphics, consider those visitors who are come into websites for information purposes. They are the ones who may be on a deadline or are in a rush to finish something. They certainly do not have the time to stay around longer to view your graphics. 3. Animated graphics.

The popularity of flashes made website owners want to have a piece of it themselves. But animation is a huge file. Besides Science Articles,   persons that do not have the same modem as yours will not get to see them in the first place.

You can try and reduce the numbers of colors and repeated pixels used. This will not only lessen the animation file memory but also it will give your design the simplicity it needs. Think about it. Are you one of those who have fallen victim to these graphic design mistakes? There is still time to change…For comments and inquiries about the article visit