One of the most important things in life is keeping you and your family safe. Alarm systems are an excellent way to do this. At the same time, they can be extremely expensive. Home security surveillance systems can be inexpensive and effective. They also compliment alarm systems well.

As we approach the end of summer, we are also heading into the prime burglary season. Due to the number of people that leave town around the end of summer, criminals are wise to this migration and take full advantage. If you have an alarm system, this will be helpful in the case of an intruder. If you do not there are other ways to protect your house while out of town. Many homeowners have opted to install a home security surveillance system. With current technology, this is easy and inexpensive. It also might be a wise installation for those with alarm systems.

Three Options to a Do-it-yourself System

There are three primary options of a do-it-yourself (DYI) observation system. These include:

• Webware
• Software
• Specialized hardware


Webware is a type of software that does not need installation onto a computer. In most cases, it can be used by multiple cameras under the same account. Many Webware products even encompass multiple cameras for different rooms within the residence. These products tend to display live footage, create archives, provide alerts via an RSS feed for each camera, and is compatible with software that provides updates via SMS. There is usually a monthly charge for use of this service.


Surveillance software is available in the form of applications that run in the background and save the video to your hard drive. Many higher-end webcams also feature their own software for compatibility and ease of use. For a less-expensive option, there are numerous free applications available for download. Even free software has many functions including taking pictures, capturing motion, streaming video, archiving, multiple methods of notification and upload screenshots via email or FTP. Utilizing software for your surveillance needs offers slightly more functionality than Webware.

Specialized Hardware

The final home security surveillance option is specialized hardware. These are usually bundled with software and provide an increased level of protection. Many do not need a computer hook-up, only a power source, and a wireless router in range. These styles tend to come equipped with many sensors, microphones, thermal imaging, and camera movement from a remote location. Additional specialized hardware includes robots on wheels. You can control it remotely as it zips and zooms around your residence offering a live feed. Technology has come a long way since the introduction of alarm systems.

There are many consumer protection options currently available on the market. From simple webcams to fast-moving live-feed robots, there is a system available for every budget. To further save, there is plenty of free software for equipment that does not come bundled. Even with an alarm system, it is comforting to have an additional level of protection for your domicile. As technology continues to improve, even better systems will become available to thwart any burglary attempts.

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