By 2014, you can expect the graphic design job market to be one of the most sought after and fast growing. Which would be the most sought after careers? Though there would be plenty of job opportunities, still the market would be highly competitive in the field of computer graphic design. This is because this is a popular area of study, and many people pursue it as a career, a hobby, or a part time freelancing gig. What do you need to become a computer graphic designer? Some technical positions can be obtained with only a two year college degree, or Associates Degree. However, this type of career will not go to progress far without further education. The criticality of formal education must be realized if you wish to pursue a career in this field.

About thirty percent of those in a computer graphic design career work independently as freelancers. Nearly half of all freelancers hold regular jobs in either computer graphics or some computer-related jobs. Since there is a constant need for computer graphic artists from small companies who can not afford larger graphic design firm, freelancing is a good option.

Computer graphic design can offer you a variety of career options. What are the other career options you have? Some large or small specialist companies may not give you a wide variety but a steady line of work. You may of course decide to work s a freelancer.

If you wish to pursue this career, a mere college degree and knowledge of your future goals are not enough. You must develop the art of using computer graphics software as well as other computer-related jobs. A collection of your best work ought to be made called your portfolio. The portfolio content can be a deciding factor on whether you would get the job or would still be in the queue.

Your aim after finishing college and deciding what you want to do is to get that first entry level job. These include: online job boards, online or printed classified ads or the college or university placement desks. Similarly, freelance jobs could be found through online job boards, classified ads as well as job for hire boards. Work for hire boards? May all your dreams come true in your pursuit for a graphic design career.

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