Right ad – right place – right time

The ideal online ad campaign must have these 3 – actually many don’t and this is a problem. Yes, it is a problem for you the advertiser however more importantly the wrong ad in the wrong place or an ad that does not work is a negative on your business. It shows great incompetence and wastes time for your potential client leaving them frustrated or disappointed with interaction with your brand or many times the lack thereof. Ever clicked on a link and it opens a dead page? Does it open a link that is a full category when searching for a specific product?

Well heads up this is 2020 people. Clients know what they want and how to search for it. So if your ad does not grab the client where they want it – when they want it and how they want it you can immediately take that as a black mark in a fast turning online ‘digisphere’ of clients that move along at the pace of knots. So please test your ad, test your destinations and test your channels. Keep testing it daily and or weekly depending on how large and wide the campaign is.

Hey you the digital creative, ad management person – catch a wake up – if someone is paying you dam good money for creatives and placements make sure it dam well works. Let me leave this image here for you.

Please drop me an email and share how on earth this add was supposed to work ? or what the idea was. Clearly you have a way of creating js code embedded in an ad placement, ent with google that overwrites the code within the page and displays a new creative or was the point to show a dumb ad? that would confuse the market and create frustration? If that is what you aiming for then congrats you win it hands down!

Come on, on a serious note – a swipe right text prompts action that will not work in this placement and nor did the click-through, or wait did it – i don’t remember, see I have moved on and noted a dumb ad and dumb ad placement with what I anticipate should be a top-notch digital agency?

Check your placements and your ads keep on top of where your brand is and how it is interacting with your current, new and potentially old clients.

Oh and Steers I did pop a direct message to you on twitter regarding this over a week ago with no response. Sorry to have wasted your time. Perhaps you need to read another of my articles found here: Own your channels