Social media management is extremely important for every business. Having an attractive and successful Facebook page draws in customers and increases brand awareness. Create your Facebook Business Page with your brand in mind. Keep up to date with dimensions because they change regularly as Facebook is updated and improved.

What You Need To Create Your Facebook Business Page

Not much is needed  to create your Facebook business page. All you need are a few attractive photos, in the correct dimensions as well as complete company information. If you’re setting up a page on behalf of a company, it’s good to sit with the owners to get complete company information.

Sometimes web guides are hard to come by and guides contradict each other. Our guide has been cross-referenced. This guide will provide instructions on how to make your profile picture fit on Facebook and give you the correct image Ad Facebook specs. These are the most recent social media image dimensions for Facebook as of October 2021.

Recommended Facebook Image Sizes For 2021

  • Facebook profile picture size: 180 x 180 displays at 170 x 170 (on desktop)
  • Facebook cover photo size: 820 x 312.
  • Dimensions for a Facebook Ad: 1200 x 628 or 1080 x 1080
  • Facebook image post size: 1200 x 630.
  • Facebook highlighted image size: 1200 x 717.
  • Facebook event image size: 1920 x 1005.
  • Facebook group cover image size: 1640 x 856.
    *One must consider that images will appear display differently on mobile devices.

Why is it important to get social media post specs right?

Incorrect image sizes will lead to chopped off images in your feed which impacts your brand. Ensure that images used on brand accounts don’t infringe on copyright laws.
In instances where there is no original imagery, stock photos are a nice alternative.

Having a correctly sized image is important because:

  • It avoids pixelation and awkward image stretching- making images appear professional.
  • Photos will be optimized for each social channel’s feed. This can help increase engagement.
  • It ensures the audience sees the full photo. Incorrect sizing could cut off parts of a brand’s messaging.
  • It future proofs content- making sure an image is the correct size now, means less hassle in fixing an incorrect image later.

By Graeme Shute

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