Technology has taken some big leaps over the past decade or two. From the invention of the PC to mobile phones everything has revolved around the technology found in these devices. Over the years they have helped make our life’s easier and enable us to do tasks quicker, well in most cases they do.

The first mobile phones were ridiculous, they were not practical and far too expensive as well as heavy. Nowadays people are walking around with miniature PC’s in their pockets. The capability of the devices we use today probably would never have been dreamed if it was not for the amazing minds behind them.

These amazing minds have opened up a whole new world in communications, software development and many more sections in the industry. One of the newest and exciting things recently to take the world has been mobile apps. These apps have a wide range of uses, from games, to ordering, positioning, music, video and many more uses.

Let’s go over the different platforms and devices you can find these apps first and then on to some apps. Knowing which device and platform are the best is a difficult thing to choose. Many people will have their own personal preferences. Here are a few of the devices available today.

  • iPhones – the most recent one being the iPhone 5
  • iPods
  • iPads
  • HTC
  • Nokias
  • Samsungs
  • LG
  • and many more

Each of these devices has the capability to use the app of all different types. Some apps are made free by the developers and others will have a small price on them.

Now we know what such devices are able to use these mobile apps we can go into a bit of detail about what an app is. An app is basically a software program designed specifically for mobile devices. Using many different types of programming languages you can make a very wide range of different types of apps.

Apps could be in the form of a game, for instance Angry Birds, this is a game app. It became such a popular app that they have made many variations of the game. Another popular game app is Temple Run where the general idea is to avoid the obstacles, collect coins, avoid getting caught by the monkeys chasing you, and not to fall off the path you are running along. I have played both of the game apps and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Another type of app you could use is a social media app, for instance the Facebook app. There are around 800 million active users of Facebook’s social media site. A large number of them will most likely have the mobile phone app so they can keep in touch with their friends and post updates about what they are doing whilst on the go.

There are also entertainment apps if during the day you find that you have some time to kill, you can find entertainment apps that update you with the latest celebrity gossip, show you how to play a variety of drinking games and even a whoopee cushion app to try to trick people with. Mobile Entertainment apps can keep you occupied for hours and hours given the large number of them available on the app market today.

There are several other types of apps like Calculate/Utilities, News Apps, Productivity apps, Search Tools, Sports Apps, Weather Apps, the list is ever-growing as people keep coming up with new ideas for apps.

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