By Max Bellamy

Workflow is a term that is used to refer to applications, which have been developed as business procedures. These applications incorporate directing, analyzing, review of documents, and publishing. It also involves tracking the workflow.

Workflow application contains forms and documents that a client manipulates and various tools that help them manage the documents as per the rules. It is vital to build up a workflow application before implementing it in the workflow.


The workflow application involves two layers – a presentation layer and a business logic layer. Presentation Layer consists of forms or documents that the user interacts with directly. This is the front-end layer of the application. It can be in the form of a Microsoft Word document or any such similar presentation. This is as per the choice of the client and is not related to its workflow object.

Business Logic Layer is the Workflow Object that is used to plan and run workflow applications. They consist of several business rules that decide the approval of a document and its routing processes. It is possible for the presentation layer to work on the client computer, but the business rules only run on the server with the Web Store. This is where the targeted documents are kept.


When the workflow is applied to any specific folder, all items in that folder must match the information flow that is formed by the workflow process. It is possible to carry out industrious and manageable work that can be reproduced with all kinds of different software setup. It is recommended to always write down the application used as a code or as an unambiguous practice. It is important to label the folder in such a manner that it gives information about its contents. It is also important to automate recurring and error-prone processes.


While buying these software applications, it should be ensured that several advantageous features such as being affordable, portability, and long-term feasibility applications are incorporated.


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